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Excerpts From Video

Good afternoon my name is Elma Pinedo.

The reason I am here is to give my testament of my experience in this clinic.

I am very grateful with the clinic the doctors, the nurses, the members of the office.

Everyone here treated me well.

I came here for the radiation treatment and I felt well taken care of.

I am very grateful.

I would want everyone in the same situation to come here to be treated well

because they take care of you, guide you, and give you moral support.

Thank you very much I am very pleased to have been treated here.



Excerpts From Video

My name is George.

I received radiation therapy for prostate cancer at Advanced Oncology Center.

In October this year, my urologist referred me to Advanced Oncology Center to receive radiation therapy for my prostate cancer.

I had received Lurpon injections every month, but Lupron injections can only control to a certain extent. It does not kill the cancer cells, therefore, I decided to come to Advanced Oncology Center to receive radiation therapy treatment.

After 9 weeks with 45 treatments, my prostate cancer cells was completely destroyed.

The three impressions Advanced Oncology Center gave me are:

1. Advanced Oncology Center's treatment machine is very advanced and effective to destroy prostate cancer cells.

2. Everytime I come in to wait for treatment, the wait time is very short because schedule was efficiently managed. We as the patient won't have the frustation of having to wait too long.

3. Advanced Oncology Center's highly trained medical staff displays high expertise, are kind, courteous, and approachable. It makes patients feel comfortable and assured.

Further more, I sincerely thank Advanced Oncology Center and all the medical staff for taking care of me. Thanks to them all.

I would also recommend all patients with cancer to recieve treatment with them.

These are my thoughts during radiation treatment that I would like to share with everyone.

Thank you.



Excerpts From Video

My name is Vic Penrod.

Last summer, it was October, I had prostate taken out.

Dr. Tsai removed my prostate and referred me to Dr. Sila for radiation treatments.

I had radiation treatment started in the first part of the year.

When I met Dr. Sila, I felt some comfortable, like family.

The whole staff here treated me like it was my family so I felt like a home coming down here the seven weeks I had the treatment.

Everyday I was met with a smile at the front desk, and Carl, the technician took care of it,

and everybody in the whole office.

I was so happy with my treatments I actually made them homemade cookies, and I think I actually made banana bread one time and brought them donut holes.

Well, we became kind of friends, its not get a bond with these people because they're just such great people here.

And after the treatments were over, I invited them over and we had a big party at my house and I treated them all to a barbeque.

And I am still friends with all of them, I do see them other than here.

I'm on Lupron right now, which is for my cancer.

And I have about another year of that treatment.

And everything is going well.

Like I said, everything here is probably....I have recommended people here and I had to see family and friends here that I have told to come down.

Everybody that have entered this front door are very pleased and happy with the services here.

I would recommend it to anybody that needs any sort of treatment, I would recommend this place.

It's the best place there is. Thank you.